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Seamless Audio/Video Synchronizing For The “Timecode-Less” Editor

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Free 30 Day Trial For Windows OS (7 & 8)

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Drag > Drop > Sync > Go

DreamSync allows you to drag and drop your standalone audio clips and video clips into a ridiculously simple interface, and output a brand new synchronized video clip.

Perfectly sync your footage before opening your post-production software, so you can focus on what really matters… editing.

Simple Interface

DreamSync’s interface allows you to simply drag and drop the audio and video clip of a particular scene into separate bins and click “Sync!”. The program will run some background magic to match the video clips to their accompanied audio that was captured at the same time.

Multi-Clip Synchronization

The “Preview Window” allows you to see where each video clip is located in relation to the length of your audio track. DreamSync even allows you to trim up the beginning and ending points in order to get rid of the excess audio or video.

Pro-Video Export Options

Export clips to any video file format that you might need:

  • H.264 / M4V
  • Apple ProRes 422
  • Quicktime Movie
  • And Many More…

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