Audio Video Sync Software for Live Band Footage

hipster_bandSome hipster band names are flat out ridiculous, but how you showcase your music doesn’t have to be.

When you’re recording a live band performance, the last thing you want to do when you get home is have to sync the sound from your mic to the video you took at the venue.

This process takes longer than coming up with the LP title Moving Furniture (even if it’s what your neighbors thought you were doing during the recording process).


The Audio / Video Sync Tool Every Musician Needs

Woowave DreamSync offers a really simple solution to the future impatient, spoiled rock star in all of us.

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What would take your groupies and band aids hours can now be done in the time it takes to strum one played out cover of Stairway To Heaven or Royals.


(Video Credentials: Official Woowave DreamSync YouTube Channel)


We know you think that pain and suffering make you a better band, but wouldn’t you rather take all that wasted time to practice getting drunk and trashing hotel rooms?

There’s no easy way to get yourself from your mom’s garage all the way to Coachella, but posting well recorded, synced up, professionally edited video isn’t a bad start.

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Less Work, Better Videos, More Music

So, load up your old passenger van with taped up amps and hand me down drum kits.

All that time you would have been worrying about audio dubs, leaves you free to practice your power chords and build a bigger fan-base online.

Let Woowave DreamSync help your live performances speak for themselves and make sure it’s in perfect, rocking, and harmonious sync with your video.

Download the software now and have a new video for your band’s YouTube page in under 7 minutes.

Then, get out there and stage dive like you mean it… just make sure there’s enough of a crowd to hold you up.

It’s tough to learn the hard way, that’s why we’ve made it so easy.


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