How to Synchronize Audio and iPhone Video From a Recital

Syncing Audio and iPhone Video From a Recital Just Became “Child’s Play” 

Dear Parents,

kids recital and how to take better iphone videosYour children are all super adorable.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching hours of iPhone videos over dinner… essentially, doing nothing, day to day, minute to minute… in real time.

(Full disclosure: I can’t really tell you that because it is not true.)

On behalf of all the single people at the table, I would like to volunteer some insider information; you need a video editor.


Sync Your Audio Video Recital Footage with Woowave DreamSync

There’s a way to keep these special moments organized, polished and ready to bore people with at your next social event.

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Except, this time you’ll notice their eyes are NOT wandering, they aren’t clamoring to check their text messages or side browsing the dinner menu.

When you use Woowave DreamSync (a software to easily sync your audio and video recital footage), the software automatically takes that elementary school recital song you recorded on your microphone (or the audio track your child’s school might provide you) and perfectly align it with the video shot on your camera.


(Video Credentials: Official Woowave DreamSync YouTube Channel)


Video Synchronization So Easy, Your Kid Can Do It

Syncing sound to video is a serious job in and of itself. I know what you’re thinking… “What mom has the time to balance carpools and dance recitals with professionally cutting family videos?”

That’s the beauty of using Woowave DreamSync; it’s so easy that your toddler could take his first steps.

Then, he can score and sync the footage himself after a simple edit in iMovie.

He is gifted, after all.



Drag and Drop Video Sync

With DreamSync’s easy to use “drag and drop” feature, syncing and cleaning up you footage has never been more seamless and simple.

In fact, compared to some of the PRO editing tools out there like Final Cut X, Plural Eyes and Adobe Premiere Pro, DreamSync brings a childlike simplicity to audio video sync.

Sync Your Way to Becoming the “Cool Parents”

taking better iphone videos of your kidsTechnology has evolved long past old projectors in the attic or boring everyone of us at the dinner table with poorly orchestrated (and terrible sounding) moments captured on your smartphone.

So, why don’t we give home movies a whole new rap?

It’s never been easier to showcase your family in a beautiful, interesting and compelling way.

Save the bite sized moments of footage for Instagram, get serious about capturing those special moments and make a big impression by letting DreamSync combine them with appealing audio.

Download your copy of DreamSync now!

We promise you won’t look back.

The Singles Table

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