Want to Record Better Videos for Your Small Business?

Here’s some advice: making GREAT VIDEO is harder than it looks

OK, that wasn’t really advice.

But definitely something to keep in mind when you’re importing sound and video into iMovie separately and suddenly you realize… no amount of tutorials could prepare you for the horrific syncing process.

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Your mouth is moving but the words just seem to be on a whole different page.

Here IS Some Real Advice for You:

The absolute “secret sauce” to making great video for your small business is having EXCELLENT, crystal clear audio.

That’s it.

Everything else is just glitter and sprinkles.


The Only Audio Video Sync Tool You’ll Ever Need for Better Small Biz Videos

godzilla rawr bacon and how to record videos for your small businessUnless your business is making Japanese Godzilla movies with terrible English audio-dubbing, it’s time to get real.

DreamSync is the answer you’ve been looking for.

In literal moments, you can sync your video and sound together faster than America went into that pesky recession.

It’s quick, easy and there’s no work required to match sound and video in the click of a button.

Drag > Drop > Sync > Vacation

Using Woowave DreamSync is almost like having your own assistant editor on standby for all of your online video content.

And let’s be honest… wasn’t that the point of opening up your own business in the first place? Having other people do the work while you get to vacation?

We’re small business owners too. We understand the importance of putting your best foot forward.

And the best move you can make right now is to save yourself time. You’ve already got enough to worry about.


(Video Credentials: Official Woowave DreamSync YouTube Channel)


Videos Will Help Personalize Your Small Business

Your brand is your identity, it’s time to give your video tools the makeover it deserves.

By simply dragging and dropping your video and audio footage shot on your camera and external mic.

Woowave DreamSync will mesh them together in perfect sync with practically no work on your part.

It’s no small feat to launch your own product or service. So with the extra time you save syncing, we encourage you to celebrate your victories!

But not too hard… with the economy and all.


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