How to Extract Audio from Video in Sony Vegas Pro 10

If you don’t like to read, here’s the quick and dirty video answer from Alex over at ABelite.

Are you trying to split, regroup and extract audio from video in Sony Vegas Pro 10 without altering the attached audio tracks?

Do you want to separate the two tracks?

Do you want to move the video track and leave the audio in place?

Cool. Read on to find out how to extract audio from video in two steps:

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The Problem:

Let’s say you have a recorded video file with audio that was shot on a DSLR camera like the Canon 70D. You have successfully imported the video file into Sony Vegas and dropped it into your timeline.  Here’s what it should look like:

video and audio screenshot in vegas

Now, as you begin editing, you will notice something: The audio and the video files are MARRIED. That means that if you want to drag ONLY THE VIDEO LAYER, the audio layer will also follow along by default.

disconnect the files

So, here’s the quickest way to DISCONNECT these two files, which will then allow you to move them separately from each other.


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Two Step Process to Extract Audio from Video:

  1. What you want to do is select both the tracks (the audio and the video clips)
  2. With both clips selected, push the “U” key on your keyboard.
Boom. That’s it! Your clips are now disconnected! Deselect the clips by clicking anywhere on the screen, and you will now be able to move each track separately.

tap u in sony vegas to disconnect audio

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To Reconnect the Audio and Video Files:

If you want to get your audio and video files reconnected or “married” again , all you have to do is:
  1. Select the audio and video files each by holding the “SHIFT” key on your keyboard and clicking each track
  2. Press the “G” key on you keyboard
Now, if you deselect the tracks, they will still move together as they were before.

hold shift and g in sony vegas to disconnect

  You can do the same process for as many video files as you want to extract the right audio.

If this helped you out, we’d love to hear from you with a comment below.

And if you have an even simpler way to extract audio from video files in Sony Vegas 10 that we didn’t cover, please let us know with a comment!


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