Pluralsight Review – Virtual Online IT Training

So, I recently signed up for an amazing virtual training company called

Since I’m pretty experienced in these “virtual learning” websites (i.e.- I have a my own video production course on I figured it would only be right for me to give an honest review of the site’s learning platform.

Pluralsight is giving eager tech enthusiasts a solid training platform to setup development environments and learn programming (like iOS Swift Tutorial, IT Training, and VFX Tutorial Modules Maya).

From there, you can create apps in mobile languages, websites, become qualified for a new IT career, and create 3D renderings from start to finish!


This site is so damn comprehensive that Pluralsight has even launched free courses and a “kids only” online training version to teach children how to code. (More reason to learn how to code NOW before they take your job in 4 years).

I’ve been so impressed with this site’s content, that I thought I’d do a little more digging on the history.

Here’s what I learned…


Pluralsight’s History

The company started out in 2014 as a “classroom training” platform developed by Aaron Skannord, Fritz Onion, Bill Williams and Keith Brown.

These IT Trainers basically started teaching other technicians, developers, and VFX specialists the old fashioned way; in person.

And now, less than a year later, they’ve created an online learning company that has been valued at more than $1 Billion!


That’s exactly what I said too.

(Source: Pluralsight Review by Jon Acosta)
Give Me the Pluralsight Free Trial

Learning From Experts and Innovators:

The reason I love Pluralsight so much is because this e-learning site offers world-class online virtual training courses solely focused on highly technical software and advanced digital marketing tactics. (Which has helped me in developing DreamSync and a recent iOS business card app)

pluralsight free trial review and training for ios swift development

And, unlike uDemy,, or any other QTP Online Training Platforms, the course trainers on Pluralsight are professionals in their respected field.

These Fields Include:

  • IT Trainers / Administrators
  • Creative specialists
  • QTP Online Specialists
  • Innovators
  • Business leaders

Since the launch of Pluralsight, the company has been offering courses that cover all sorts of software development languages like:

  • Ruby and JavaScript
  • iOS Swift tutorials
  • Design products like Oracle, VMware, and Photoshop

As a member of the platform, you even get to connect with IT Trainers and online training providers through discussion boards for ongoing and real-time learning.

Download Exercise Modules For Practice:

Pluralsight training courses give you the BEST skills and experience that you need to succeed in any career you’re trying to learn.

ios swift development training free trial

You can download exercise modules, as well as watch videos to practice applying your new skills.

The virtual training company’s subscription model encourages you to learn, practice, and improve as much as you can (because you’re paying for it… so you want to get your money’s worth and learn fast to gain clients and make money)

Assessing Your Progress and Building Official Transcripts:

The site even tracks your progress through pre and post-course assessments.

When you successfully complete the course, Pluralsight’s online training platform provides you with a verified certificate and an official transcript to build your online resume.

pluralsight transcript and certification

This is AMAZING for IT Trainees or designers who are trying to beef up their resume with highly wanted credentials!

PluralSight Free Trial:

Apparently, there used to be a “Pluralsight Free Trial for 90 days“.

But now they’ve dumbed it down to 10 days (still absolutely worth it).

This trial is completely free of charge, and you can cancel it if you don’t like it before the 10 days are up.

A pretty cool feature I discovered is that some of the courses are free even without a membership or “free trial” signup!

(For details, check out

However, if you DO get a subscription, you’ll have 100% access to the full rich Pluralsight Training Library.

That includes access to training on things like:

  • Microsoft’s Dreamspark
  • BizSpark
  • WebsiteSpark
  • And so many more, it would take me all night list every one

A Great Source for IT Trainer Tutorials:

Beyond the Pluralsight Review that I created, I have to say this site is providing the BEST Virtual Learning for beginners 100%.

And it’s ultimately changing the way learning is done.

It’s changing the way certified professions make money.

And it’s a REALLY cool thing to be a part of.

Here’s How I Used Pluralsight:

Since Swift is a much less complicated programming language to learn for a beginners (and is only used for iOS applications) I found it the best place to start for expanding my horizons as a newly seasoned iOS developer.

If you are looking for an virtual online learning opportunity that’ll expand your skillset and help you make more money; Pluralsight is the way to go.

Forget Skillshare, Treehouse, Lynda, uDemy, or any other “online training providers” out there with half-assed virtual courses.

Pluralsight is the real deal.



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