Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template Hack: Free Online Invoicing

PRO TIP: Stop Using Computer Invoicing Templates in Word or Excel to Bill Clients! 

It looks unprofessional…


Free Invoice Tool to Get Clients Paying Faster

Freelancer / Contractor Invoice Template Headache

As a freelancer, we BOTH know you hate having to worry about billing your client for hours you’ve worked or the total amount owed after a successful sale.

Today, we wanted to share one of our favorite secret business weapons called Freshbooks;

a FREE online time tracking and invoicing tool that allows you to bill your clients and track your hours while you work.

Automatic Sales Invoice Template

Freshbooks allows you to set up “auto recurring payments” every month.

You don’t have to manually create that invoice! It’s going to happen automatically to saves you time and it saves your client time too.

Check out the video below to see how Freshbooks can TRANSFORM the way you do business:

You can choose how often you want this to repeat and you will be automatically invoicing your clients and saving a ton of hours and freelancer frustration doing what you do best -- working on your freelancing craft and marketing yourself for more cliental.

contractor online invoice template meme face for excel

HTML Invoice Template Time Tracking

If you take advantage of the time tracking feature in FreshBooks, you can generate an invoice for your client directly for your time sheet.

You can do it directly from the online invoicing template platform and you can bill them based on the hours you've worked.

Profit and Loss Report

The Sales Reporting Tools also gives you a good idea of your freelancing (or small business) financial outlook.

You can really see where the money is going and where the money's coming from. If you're not using this profit and loss report in FreshBooks then you're definitely missing out on some very valuable information in your regular old fashioned Invoice Sales Templates.

Accept Online Payments

When creating a Free HTML invoice in FreshBooks' Template System, you will have the option to allow your customers to pay via PayPal!

If you allow online payments, you can really streamline your freelancing business and help bring in money faster and not have to worry about billing your clients all the damn time.

sales invoice template aha moment for contractors using invoice templates

This is probably how you're feeling right about now.
Don't worry. We forgive you.

Contractor Invoice Template of Awesomeness

So what the hell are you still reading this for?

Freshbooks is 100% FREE to use! Go sign up (no credit card required) and stop making silly Computer Invoices in Word or Excel Templates.

Get Freshbooks for FREE Now

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