Woowave DreamSync Debuts at NABShow 2015’s Startup Loft

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Atlanta, GA,– It can be an editor’s worst nightmare; adding a music track to video shot on location. The band sang along to a boom box recording of their song to keep up with the tempo. Now the editor must sync all this video footage in post-production.

A new app being introduced at NABShow2015, WooWave DreamSync, can now complete this “sync workflow” in one click, making the video editor’s job a dream by cutting down on hours of editing time.

Woowave DreamSync works by spinning your audio and video footage through a proprietary synchronization algorithm. The results are a series of “sequences” that let you review the results and export or publish them as desired.

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From here, users can XML export the results into their favorite editing software (NLE), replace the unwanted camera audio from each video clip, and even cut a “multi-cam” clip right inside of the software to export as one Quicktime video.

For example: Imagine videotaping a piano recital on different smartphones from multiple angles. The video will look great, but the audio will sound echoey and unprofessional when played back.

However, if an audio recording of the performance is captured separately, Woowave DreamSync will let users drag and drop all of these pieces of media into the program, synchronize them, and even cut them  into a visual (and audible) masterpiece.

Woowave DreamSync was created as a joint-venture; co-founded by Igor Jovcevski (Woowave, Inc. in London) and Jon Acosta (Pixelynx Labs, LLC in Atlanta) in early 2015. The company’s mission is to empower video creators with affordable production solutions.

Woowave DreamSync’s proprietary software is incredibly user-friendly. Files are dropped into the software and prepared for sync with one click.

woowave dreamsync workflow for audio video synchronization

Jon Acosta explains the reason for this joint-venture, “Igor crafted the original ‘Woowave’ back in 2011. It was brilliantly coded and super fast, but it was missing that ‘ease of use’ that everyone expects these days”.

Acosta continued, “The original version of DreamSync was incredibly easy to use, it just needed a faster sync engine. This joint venture was inevitable.”

The only competition to WooWave DreamSync is PluralEyes (By Red Giant), which is available for $199.

“I was looking for an alternative to PluralEyes and wasn’t satisfied,” stated Igor Jovcevski, company partner and co-founder.

“When I couldn’t find anyone to create the software as I thought it should be, I taught myself how to code and finished the algorithm in two years.”

Woowave DreamSync is the evolution of Jovcevski’s original audio/video synchronization tool.

WooWave DreamSync will officially launch at the NABShow2015 in Las Vegas, NV on April, 12th and be available for the introductory price of $99. US, including free lifetime updates.

For more information, visit www.woowavedreamsync.com


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