Sync Results in PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync

WooWave DreamSync and PluralEyes both have very different methods for showcasing synchronization results in their respective viewer windows.

Check out the video and screenshots below for a detailed explanation of these differences…

(video source: Official Woowave DreamSync YouTube Channel)

Synchronization Results in PluralEyes

In PluralEyes, we actually have to go to the two up button here in the corner, and then select “Camera 2” to be able to see that view. 

01 pluraleyes sync results with 2-up view button

And, as you’ll notice in the next screenshot, there are only 2 camera angle views that can be displayed at any one time.

02 sync result view options in pluraleyes by selecting camera angle to see

Synchronization Results in Woowave DreamSync

WooWave DreamSync actually displays up to four windows.

03 audio video sync results window display in woowave dreamsync

So if you have four angles, you’ll see all four playing in unison, versus PluralEyes, which only has a two up screen to display two cameras at one time.

Which Do YOU Prefer?

As a potential user of either one of these programs, let us know which sync result view window is better for your digital workflow in the comments below.


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