How to Synchronize and Trim Audio in iMovie

If you’ve ever tried Syncing audio in iMovie, you probably know how annoying it can be.

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to get it done hassle-free:

(video source: PerfectNote’s Official Youtube Channel)

Importing the Audio

Here’s our video in iMovie. The blue audio is from the camera. 

We’re going to want to get a view of all the video, so click on the zoom tool and drag it to the left until you can see everything.

02 Drag Zoom tool right to zoom in and out of clip audio and video

To import the audio into iMovie, simply drag it over. 

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Wait a couple seconds for the waves to load then place it approximately in line with the camera audio. 

03 Make sure both wave forms are lined up in iMovie timeline to get the best sync results

Use the zoom tool to double check if both waves are lined up. 

Trimming the Movie

To trim our movie, select where you want to trim from. 

Hold SHIFT and click the audio then control/click and choose split clip. 

04 Select both clips_ control click_ and choose split clip to trim imovie timeline for the sync

 Now just select what you want to delete, and press delete. 

05 Select what to delete in i Movie from the synchronization and click delete

Now go to the end of the clip and do the same thing. Select both the movie and the audio, control/click and split clip. 

06 split clips at the end of clip to trim the sync ending

The next step is to lower the volume of the camera audio. Just grab those arrows and drag it all the way down to 0%. 

07 Lower camera volume of the synced video by dragging the elastic band all the way down

You can also adjust the volume of your imported audio up or down.

08 Adjust separate sourced audio by dragging elastic band up to turn volume up

Double check everything is in order playing the clip and making sure the visual is synced with the audio.

Exporting the File

Now we’re going to export the video file

Go to share and click make a file.

09 Click on Share button and select File to export synced clips in iMovie

Notice here it gives you options: 1080p, 720p, 480. 

Basically, 1080p is going to be the highest quality and 720 and 480 is going to be for DVDs. 

10 Name your new synchronized clip and choose output size resolution

Press next and save it somewhere on your Mac.

11 Choose where to save your synchronized video file from iMovie

Ever had a frustrating time trying to sync up audio? Let us know in the comments below.

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