How to Synchronize Files in PluralEyes

If you’ve ever tried to synchronize multiple files in PluralEyes, you’ll know it can sometimes be a long and frustrating process.

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how you can synchronize files in PluralEyes. We’ll also compare how much easier and quicker it can be with Woowave Dreamsync.

(video source: Woowave Dreamsync’s Official Youtube Channel)

Adding Clips to the Media Bin

If you have a series of video clips and audio clips all shot from different cameras like this:

01 Camera 1 camera 2 and audio files inside of Finder folder for sync import

What we can do with Woowave Dreamsync is drag all of the files directly into the media bin

02 Drag and drop all media files into Woowave DreamSync

And then click the PREPARE button.

03 Click PREPARE button in Woowave DreamSync to begin synchronizing all video and audio clips

 Alternatively, with PluralEyes, we’ll need to take each single camera angle and drag them individually so that they create separate bins within the program.

04 Drag and drop each individual camera angle into PluralEyes one by one

Synchronizing the Clips

First, I’m going to click on PluralEyes’ synchronization button and it will begin to synchronize. 

While that’s going on in the background, I’m going to click sync on Woowave Dreamsync… and voila!

05 Woowave DreamSync Synchronization results showcasing perfect sync

Instantly, our results are good to go.

As for PluralEyes, the  results state that there were 5 clips that apparently did not sync. 

06 Woowave DreamSync screenshot of finished sync and Pluraleyes message that 5 clips did not sync

07 PluralEyes sync results showing red files, signifying %22unsyncable%22 clips

Not to bash on the program by any means. PluralEyes is absolutely the video industry standard syncing clips and importing them into programs like Adobe Premiere CC or Final Cut Pro X.

Woowave Dreamsync is just a really great competitor in regards to speed and accuracy of sync. 

“Sync Assurance” vs. “Try Really Hard” Feature

In Woowave Dreamsync, just like PluralEyes, we have the option to turn up the amount of assurance for the sync if it’s a very challenging synchronization task. 

For example; if it was shot with multiple cameras from far away with various angles. That might be a little more complex than normal, however this bar here will allow you to turn up the assurance inside of Woowave Dreamsync.

08 %22Sync Assurance%22 Bar in Woowave DreamSync to increase sync accuracy for video shoot difficulty

In PluralEyes they have something similar to this, which they call “Try Really Hard” and frankly, it does the same thing.

09 %22Try Really Hard%22 feature in PluralEyes Menu Bar for sync accuracy

If you’re under a quick deadline and you need a very accurate and very quick synchronization output, Woowave Dreamsync can handle that for you in record time.


Which Seems Easier to YOU?

Do you prefer using Woowave Dreamsync or PluralEyes to sync your clips? Let us know in the comments below.


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