How to Export 1080p and 60FPS Videos in iMovie

Having trouble getting iMovie to export movies in 1080p at 60FPS? Check out the tutorial below.

(video source: Danixer)

For this to work, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of iMovie.


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Got your 4-step checklist?

Great. Now, let’s move on…



Start a new movie project in iMovie and select  “No theme”.
Let’s name it 60FPS.

02 Start a new project and choose No Theme in iMovie

Next, click “Import media”.  Make sure you don’t drag it from “Find it” because this won’t work. 

03 Click on IMPORT MEDIA in iMovie.

Once you press “Import media” find your file that was recorded at 60 frames per second:

04 Select 1080P or 4K file from Import Window and double click

It’ll appear in the timeline. Simply double click on it and drag it down here:

05 Double click on file from iMovie media browser and drag and drop clip into timeline

As you guys can see I recorded this at 60FPS.

To make sure it saves at 60FPS, click on settings: 

06 Click on Settings button above the iMovie project timeline

And select 1080p 60FPS. 

07 Project will show 1080p 60 frames to confirm 60fps

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If you want to change more quality settings click on this button up top and select “file”:

08 Click on iMovie Share button and click FILE in top right corner to change timeline settings (1)

You’ve got a bunch of different quality  and compression settings here. 

Make sure to set the quality to “best”.

09 Change screen resolution to 720p or 540p 60fps in iMovie File window

10 Scroll down to QUALITY to choose ProRes 422 or high, low, medium, or custom in iMovie File settings

And there you go!



Any other cool features you’ve discovered in the new version of iMovie?
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