How to Add Audio to iMovie Projects (2016)

There’s a few different ways to add audio to iMovie projects. Check out the tutorial below for a comprehensive guide.

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Go ahead and open up your project. You can add audio to it in three different ways.

You can either import it straight from an external drive, your desktop, your iTunes or your sound effects in the Content Library. 

Importing from iTunes

Click import and it will open up a new window for you to find the files in.

01 Import music from Import menu by clicking button at top of iMovie

The most common way is going to be straight from iTunes.

Go ahead and click on this iTunes icon and then go to the drop-down menu.
You can even search your playlists for the song you’re looking for.

02 Choose iTunes from content library and select playlist from drop down menu

Once you’ve chosen your song, drag and drop it straight into your project.

03 Drag and drop iTunes song into iMovie project timeline

Now, you’ll notice that the entire song gets dropped into your project timeline. You can go ahead and adjust this by going to the top left-hand corner of the song and simply dragging. 

You can shorten it and make it into the portion of the audio that you want it to be.

04 Adjust length and placement of iMovie project song by clicking and dragging the song length

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Adding from “Effects”

You can find sound effects under “Effects” in the dropdown, but they do take a little while to load.

05 Open sound effects by choosing Sound Effects in iMovie content library and click on drop down menu

You can even search for something like “Bell” and you will be able to see several sound effects available.


Importing from the Desktop

The last one is simple, if you drag your iMovie window over to the side you can drag and drop audio files straight from your desktop and into your project. 

07 Drag and drop audio clips from desktop straight into iMovie project timeline interface

Once you’ve imported the audio, it will show up in your event as an audio clip. 

You can select whatever portion you want and drag it wherever you want. 

08 Select portion of clip in iMovie event)

09 Drag selection down to iMovie timeline project

That’s it! It’s that easy to import audio into iMovie.


Did you learn any new ways to add a soundtrack to your projects? Leave your questions in the comments below.

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