Result Sync in WooWave Dreamsync and PluralEyes

You might be having trouble with getting your hands onto maximum possible video angles while editing.

Here we’re presenting an overview of two great softwares which are strongly capable of handling your problem of previewing different video angles at the same time.

Watch the video below in order to understand a step-by-step process for dealing this problem efficiently.

(video source: WooWave Dreamsync Official YouTube Channel)

When it comes to displaying synchronization results, both of these don’t have identical approaches. WooWave Dreamsync and PluralEyes are having different mechanisms for displaying synchronization results into the preview windows.

PluralEyes Results Synchronization

If you want to synchronize results while using PluralEyes, all you have to look for is a 2-up button in top right corner. Click the button once you’ve located it.

01 pluraleyes sync results with 2-up view button

Now after clicking that 2-up button, you are supposed to select camera 2 for being able to actually see your desired view.
pluralsight banner

Point to Ponder:

You need to remember that in this view, PluralEyes has a functionality of displaying two camera angles in its viewer window.

You can have a glimpse of this in following given screenshot.

02 sync result view options in pluraleyes by selecting camera angle to see

WooWave Dreamsync Results Synchronization

As compared to PluralEyes, WooWave Dreamsync is capable of displaying upto four previews at the same time. Look at the screenshot below to have an idea about how actually this four angles preview looks like.

03 audio video sync results window display in woowave dreamsync

So in case you need to deal with four different angles for your video, WooWave Dreamsync is the best choice to go for.

Which One would YOU Recommend?

As being users of these programs, we would like to know which one of these two preview systems you prefer. Let us know in the comment section below.

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