Fixing Your Out of Sync Audio and Video

Do you keep experiencing the “audio and video falling out of sync!” issue?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this post, I’m going to help you by explaining:

  1. WHY your audio and video might NOT be synchronizing properly.
  2. If it DOES SYNC, why it falls out of synchronization as your video progresses.

So, sit tight! And check out the video below to figure out how to fix it:

(video source: How To Fix Out of Sync Audio and Video (2016 Explanation and Tutorial)


Audio Video Synchronization Errors Explained:

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown (with screenshots) to explain what is happening to your audio, and how to fix it.

img 1 How_To_Fix_Out_of_Sync_IMG_1-Audio_and_Video__2016_Explanation_and_Tutorial__-_YouTube

So first, here’s the bad news…
More than likely, your video footage was shot at a VARIABLE frame rate, instead of a CONSTANT FRAME RATE.

IMG 2- variable frame rate vs constant frame rate IMG 2

What that means is that your video capturing device  was capturing inconsistent frame rates every second.

The capturing device could have been your:

  • Camera
  • Webcam
  • iPhone/Smartphone
  • Screen Capture Software
  • DSLR Camera

It doesn’t matter.
This issue can happen with any of those devices.

And even though your video footage LOOKS fine when you’re playing it back;

if you try to sync it up with a separate audio or video clip… your footage is going to fall out of sync because there’s no CONSTANT FRAME RATE of your footage.

Points to Ponder

Keep this KEY point in mind while shooting your future videos: DON’T shoot at variable frame rate!

Learn how to set 60 frames per second on your camera or screen capture software and you won’t have to worry about this ever!

Your audio is always constant by default but when the camera footage is inconsistent… that’s exactly what you end up with: An inconsistent synchronization.
Are you wondering how do we fix this? It’s actually very easy, I’ll be going through this in a moment.

BUT, since you’ve already shot your footage, we just need to convert your video from a VARIABLE FRAME RATE to a CONSTANT Frame Rate.

IMG 3do not use a variable frame rate

The Best Solution

And the best solution: This can be done by using a FREE little app called HandBrake.

IMG 4 download handbrake to fix audio video sync variable frame rate issues

Let’s assume that you’ve already downloaded Handbrake; now open up this sweet little software and let me walk you through the process of using it for syncing your audio and video.

Getting Started with HandBrake

When HandBrake opens up, the first thing you need to do is to choose the clip which is having sync issue.

IMG 5 click on the file that needs to be fixed constant framerate

If you need to PROCESS more than 1 video files through HandBrake, just choose the FOLDER that contains all of those video clips.

IMG 6 – choose a folder inside of hand break to get in proper synchronization

Once the footage is imported, keep everything else on the default settings, except for the frame rate options.
Now, change this frame rate to 60fps.

IMG 7 FPS 60 setting in handbrake screenshot

And then, we’re going to select the CONSTANT Frame rate option.

IMG 8 choose the constant frame rate option in handbrake to fix out of sync issues

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Jon, if I convert my video files, won’t this ruin or downgrade my video quality?”

And the answer is NO, not if you choose the right options.

HandBrake has this really nice feature called “High Profile” on the right. This allows us to maintain the quality of our video when it’s created.

IMG 9 high profile setting in handbrake to maintain quality

Moving Forward…

We also advise users to choose this option called “AVERAGE BIT RATE”. This will keep the quality consistent throughout your video.

IMG 10 average bit rate option to optimize video conversion for av sync

The trick here is to KEEP THE BITRATE SAME AS ORIGINAL FILE. And HandBrake does a wonderful job of that.

Our last step is to tell Handbrake where to save the new CONSTANT FRAME VIDEO FILES; the path.

IMG 11 click browse to save destination for new constant frame rate clip

If you’re processing more than 1 clip, make sure to click ADD TO QUEUE. This will queue up your videos for batch processing.

IMG 12 batch queue in handbrake to process multiple variable frame rate clips

Final Touch!

Now finally, hit the START button, and HandBrake will begin to process a CONSTANT version of your video files.

IMG 13 click start to begin processing 1 video clip handbrake VFS

That’s it. From here, you can jump into any editing platform for manually synchronizing your clips. They WILL NOT fall out of sync now because they’re now CONSTANT, not variable.

And if you’re using Woowave DreamSync, you can just drag and drop these new video files with your audio files, and let the program sync them for you.

IMG 14 use woowave dreamsync to audio video keep in sync all of your clips


The A/V Sync Solution – HACKED.

I hope this helped you out.
If you have any questions regarding this method for fixing your out of sync audio and video, please leave a comment below!

We’re always here to help.


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