Top 5 Free Teacher Tools

To all teacher fellows, you might be having some trouble with organizing stuff and putting things in order.

Today we’re going to tell you about the top 5 tools which can be helpful for you while teaching in classroom (Describe what the article is about.)

If you start using these tools, your life would be much easier than ever before, that’s a promise!

Watch this video and know about these 5 super-cool teacher tools

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Lets Get Started

Hey folks, welcome to Hip Hughes History. Guys, today we’re going to go over the top 5 free Web apps that you should probably be using in your classroom, for managing stuff altogether efficiently.

Let’s get it done right now.


Let’s start with an easy one here, because humans are dumb, they forget things and among humans, kids are the ones who forget things even more.

Go to and sign up. What you can do with this website is that you’re going to be able to send messages to your kids/students and their parents.

For example, if you wanted to remind them “Don’t forget your homework!”, “We have to go on a trip on Monday” – this is where comes into play. Check it out, it’s free.


Google Drive

Go to and make sure that you’re using your drive appropriately. I can find ever single test, every single worksheet.

Whether you’re using it to produce stuff for kids or kids are using it to produce stuff for class, go and check out and start using it for school, otherwise you’re just a ding-dong.



Hey fellows, get a social network for your classroom. I don’t care if you’re using Schoology or if you’re using Edmodo, they’re both really great, but these are classroom programs that are going to kill websites.

No more website construction, you can put all your assignments up there without any worries.



Edmodo works just like Facebook, where you’re going to post things on walls. There’s going to be assignments online. Everything can become digital or you can use it only halfway. It’s really up to you, but either way get onto these sites.

Join their classroom community so you can be speaking with other educators who are thinking like this across the world. Schoology or Edmodo. Choose wisely!



Go to You’re going to use your free account to be able to embed questions, whether it’s free response or multiple choice, it’s going to track all of that wonderful data.

You should start using eduCanon video assignments so you know what your kids are getting out of the videos, so they can start to put that to use in the classroom, creating really cool new expressions of meaning.



We’re going to use as our last recommendation. I’m a huge believer in student production of film inside the classroom across grade levels, curriculum areas. We have lots of other videos that are going to help you learn how to do that.

Now with a phone and internet connection, your class can be making movies on Kids are going to be able to upload clips. You can cut clips, layer music, put transitions and add special effects.

Then you can watch your movie, and you can learn what all the kids learned about that. Check it out:


So, these are top 5 tools for my teacher fellows. You can check it out on We have a free tech toolbox.

You can start filling your own tool belt and figuring out what’s going to work best for your classroom, because it’s your teacher voice that counts the most. Where attention goes, energy flows. Make sure you’re subscribed to Hip Hughes History.


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