Tech Tools Which Are Right For You

Your students might face some problem while listening to your lecture, taking notes, and understanding the whole bunch of stuff at the same time. They might need to re-listen to what you taught back in class a few minutes ago, but you can’t really repeat those words exactly the same.

To address this problem, we’re presenting a concept of flipped classrooms which would make your life much easier, even if you’re a teacher or student.

Watch this video and have a complete understanding of what exactly we have to share with you:

(Video Source: The Flipped Class: Which Tech Tools Are Right For You?)


Lets get to it

When a lot of people think about flip classrooms, they start thinking about videos, lots and lots of videos.


They think that the flip classroom is a technological solution. But we think a flipped classroom is basically a pedagogical solution with a technological component involved.

Let’s get some of these tech tools on the table so we can get you the tools that you need to start flipping your class.

I think it’s really best for teachers to make videos while they’re teaching their students. There is a relational aspect that you have with your students that no one else in this world has.

I know a teacher, he hands the phone to a student, saying: “Can you help me make a video after class?” They shoot the video of him standing at the chalkboard, and then he posts that video online.


While you’re a teacher, if you choose a student who’s struggling, this practice of making your lectures available online can be a great source of knowledge for such students. They’re going to see you when they’re there live with you, and then they can go back and view your lecture video again and improves their understanding.

Screen Casting Software/Programs

Another great tool for making flip class videos are screen cast programs. These programs record whatever is on your computer’s screen.

This sort of recording can be a bit difficult to pull off. Especially since you may not be familiar with video codecs or screen resolutions.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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(watch the video below):

Tablets & Technology

In case you haven’t noticed, tablets are everywhere.

Thankfully, here are a plethora of white-boarding apps for tablets which enable you to do things like:

  • Write on the screen,
  • Upload and showcase images/pictures
  • Record your audio to produce video content for your students

In a nutshell, the technology we have today is insanely powerful.

If you are not leveraging it to teach your students… you’re missing out and might get left behind if you don’t start NOW.

After Your Videos are Ready…

Now that you’ve created some video content, where are you going to put it so your students can access it?
There are tons of websites such as YouTube and Vimeo you can use, but if your kids don’t have access to these sites, what do you do then?

Well you can have physical media that can be used to serve this purpose, such USB drives, they’re relatively inexpensive. Get a few of those and give your students the stuff they need, or you can burn your videos on a DVD.


All these tools are for creation and sharing of the videos. This question is mostly asked, “which is the best tool or tools that you should use?”

Ultimately, it depends upon what technology are you comfortable with. What you actually have, that’s the tool that’s going to be best for you!

If you have any questions regarding this method of recording audio, please leave a comment below.

We’re always here to help.

PS: Sign up for the Content Creators Lounge Flipped Classroom Course to start making amazing lecture videos for your students!


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