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Jon Acosta is a Digital Media Advisor based in Atlanta, GA. His primary focus is helping companies outsmart their competitors with smart online marketing strategy. Acosta has been a digital video consultant and mentor for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Some of his cliental include Apple Inc., Tekla (a Trimble Company), and Elance Inc (now known as "Upwork"). He is also a frequent course author for Pluralsight; an online technology training platform built for corporate teams.

Displaying Sync Results in PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync

Sync Results in PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync

WooWave DreamSync and PluralEyes both have very different methods for showcasing synchronization results in their respective viewer windows.

Check out the video and screenshots below for a detailed explanation of these differences…

(video source: Official Woowave […]

Team Woowave DreamSync at NABShow 2015

LIVE at NABShow 2015 with Team Woowave DreamSync

This week, our team will be showcasing the brand new release of WooWave DreamSync.

sync video audio tool at NAB Show 2015 Team Woowave DreamSync

If you are at the show, make sure to come check us out in the Startup Loft Pavilion […]

FreshBooks Pricing Plans – Freelancer Invoicing Tools

Freshbooks Pricing Plans for Video Editors


In this quick Hangout, I discuss Freshbooks Pricing Plans, how much it really costs to use this killer invoice platform, and how you can use Fresh Books 100% Free […]

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Convertir de .MP4 a .Avi Gratis – Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

Convertir de .MP4 a .Avi – Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

Hoy vamos a echarle un vistazo a un increíble convertidor de videos que te dejará tomar videos (desde un URL o un video de tu computadora) para convertir de .MP4 a .AVI e igualmente de .mp3 a .MOV, a DVD (formato mpeg), […]

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Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template – 2015 Freelancer Solutions

Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template Hack: Free Online Invoicing

PRO TIP: Stop Using Computer Invoicing Templates in Word or Excel to Bill Clients! 

It looks unprofessional…


Free Invoice Tool to Get Clients Paying Faster

Freelancer / […]

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.mp4 to .AVI Converter Free – Video Converter Wondershare Ultimate

.MP4 to .AVI Converter – FREE Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

Today we’re going to check out an incredible video converter that will let you take videos (from a URL or on your computer) and convert them from .MP4 to .AVI as well as to .mp3, to .MOV, to DVD (mpeg format), to .MKV and ANY other […]

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Pluralsight Review – Virtual Online IT Training Company

Pluralsight Review – Virtual Online IT Training

So, I recently signed up for an amazing virtual training company called

Since I’m pretty experienced in these “virtual learning” websites (i.e.- I have a my own video production course on I figured it would […]

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Best DSLR for Video as a Beginner? Here it is…

The BEST DSLR For Video Beginners: Canon 70D

I’m just going to go ahead and say it… the Canon EOS 70D is the ABSOLUTE BEST DSLR for video in 2014 under $1500 dollars!

As a DSLR videographer myself, I can rightfully say this camera is the most jam packed Canon model ever released with new features for videographers and enthusiasts alike.

Don’t […]

DreamSync Launches Version 1.1.2 Update

DreamSync 1.1.2 is Here!

Demo of how DreamSync works for Mac OS X.

Our beloved audio video synchronizing software just got an update for the Mac OS X platform.

DreamSync’s newest release contains the following updates: 

  1. Optimized sync algorithm accuracy for better syncing of your audio and video files
  2. Yosemite Compatibility issues […]

DreamSync vs PluralEyes (Audio Video Sync Explained)

One of the questions I often get is “Hey Jon, what’s the difference between DreamSync vs PluralEyes? Which one should I use?”

To  answer this, I think it’s best to understand the history of A/V sync, and why there’s a huge demand for BOTH of these audio video synchronizing software solutions.

Pain-Points from a Professional Video […]

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