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Jon Acosta is a Digital Media Advisor based in Atlanta, GA. His primary focus is helping companies outsmart their competitors with smart online marketing strategy. Acosta has been a digital video consultant and mentor for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Some of his cliental include Apple Inc., Tekla (a Trimble Company), and Elance Inc (now known as "Upwork"). He is also a frequent course author for Pluralsight; an online technology training platform built for corporate teams.

Camera Lenses Explained | DSLR for Beginners

Camera Lenses Explained | DSLR for Beginners

DSLR cameras are incredible for a variety of reasons.

But one of the most sought after features with these camera bodies is the ability to change its lens whenever you want.

Check out the video below to get a deeper understanding of how camera lenses work, and which one might be best […]

Overcoming Burnout- Motivation From a Content Creator

Creating Tons of Content Got You Down?

As a fellow content creator, I know that feeling we all get from time to time…

jess new girl and overcoming burnout content creators

But instead of dwelling over the painful reality of churning out creative content at all times (and having to create those god […]

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How to Get Freelance Video Editor Jobs: 3 Free Resources

How To Get Freelance Video Editor Jobs: 3 Free Resources (+1 Juicy PRO Tip)

The internet is a beautiful thing.

So beautiful, in fact, that it allows you to apply to VARIOUS gigs all across the world and bill your clients online; all while hanging out in […]

iMovie Advanced Features: How to Use (with Screenshots)

iMovie – Advanced Features

If you have a Mac, the power of iMovie allows you to create incredibly effective videos for your business, YouTube channel, or anything your heart desires!

We have already covered the absolute basics of iMovie to get you started. In this article tutorial, we will discuss a […]

How to Extract Audio from Video in Sony Vegas Pro 10

How to Extract Audio from Video in Sony Vegas Pro 10

If you don’t like to read, here’s the quick and dirty video answer from Alex over at ABelite.

Are you trying to split, regroup and extract audio from video in Sony Vegas Pro 10 without altering the attached audio tracks?

Do you […]

How to Sync Audio and Video (DSLR / H4N Shooter Tutorial)

How to Sync Audio and Video (The Manual Way)

Most of the time, audio/video synchronization is not something you think about when you’re recording video, as the camera takes care of everything for you.

If you record your video and your audio separately, however, making them match up can be quite the challenge.

How To Record Better Videos for Your Small Business or Startup

Want to Record Better Videos for Your Small Business?

Here’s some advice: making GREAT VIDEO is harder than it looks

OK, that wasn’t really advice.

But definitely something to keep in mind when you’re importing sound and video into iMovie separately and suddenly you realize… no amount of tutorials could prepare you for the horrific syncing process. […]

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How to Sync Video and Audio in iMovie

How to Sync Video and Audio in iMovie

If you’re trying to figure out how to sync audio and video in iMovie, there’s two ways to do it:

  1. There’s the EASY way, like using an app called Woowave DreamSync that handles all the synchronization for you.
  2. Then there’s the MANUAL way.

In this post, […]

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How to Separate Audio and Video in Adobe Premiere

How to Separate Audio and Video in Adobe Premiere

Sometimes when you’re editing in Adobe Premiere (Pro CS6, CC, or even Elements), you want to separate your audio and video so that you can manage them separately.

In the professional editing world, it’s important to know and learn how to separate audio and video in

How to Use iMovie (Tutorial For Beginners)

How To Use iMovie Tutorial Guide

Trying to learn how to use iMovie? We’re glad to help!

Here is an easy 4 step screenshot breakdown to get you started in less than 5 minutes.
(BONUS: Make sure to check out our tutorial on how to turn on hidden advanced features in […]