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PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync: Importing Footage

Pluraleyes vs. Woowave DreamSync: Import Footage

When comparing Woowave DreamSync to PluralEyes, there are a couple of differences to take note of.
The first is how seamless it is to actually drag and drop all of your clips directly into Woowave DreamSync.

drag and drop all mov [...]
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How to Use iMovie 2017 for Beginners

How to Use iMovie 2016-2017: A Beginner’s Guide

If you have a Macbook, iMovie is a fantastic (and free!) video editing software that comes with your computer.

If you’re looking to make some simple and quick videos, but either don’t have the money, time, or experience to invest in programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple

PRESS RELEASE: Taking Audio / Video Syncing to New Creative Edges


Woowave DreamSync Debuts at NABShow 2015’s Startup Loft

PRESS RELEASE: Originally published in Washington NewsWorld

Atlanta, GA,– It can be an editor’s worst nightmare; adding a music track to video shot on […]

WooWave DreamSync – Premiering at NABShow 2015

The New Audio-Video Sync Standard – WooWave DreamSync

At this year’s NAB, two small companies are joining forces to take on PluralEyes.

Pixelynx Labs, LLC of Atlanta and WooWave, Inc. of London have combined forces to specifically tackle PluralEyes with what they claim is a faster, more […]

How to Synchronize Audio and iPhone Video From a Recital

How to Synchronize Audio and iPhone Video From a Recital

Syncing Audio and iPhone Video From a Recital Just Became “Child’s Play” 

Dear Parents,

kids recital and how to take better iphone videosYour children are all super adorable.

I […]

Top 5 Shooting Tips When You Plan to Sync Audio and Video in Post

Top 5 Shooting Tips When You Plan to Sync Audio and Video in Post

We know when you’re planning to sync audio and video on a DSLR and a separate audio device, it can be tricky to put those files together in post production.


Enhance your Video Editing Experience with the Latest Adobe Prelude CC Updates

Adobe Prelude CC

If you have been video editing for some time now, I’m sure you are already in love with Adobe Prelude CC.And if you’re not yet in love with it, check it out and I’m sure you will be in no time.

Adobe Prelude CC […]

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How to Become a Video Producer in No Time

How to Become a Video Producer in No Time.

If you just want to create a “reality show” style video production, you can easily get by with a simple $200 HD camera and some mild imagination.

But if you want more professional, polished and highly presentable videos, there are a […]