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Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template – 2015 Freelancer Solutions

Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template Hack: Free Online Invoicing

PRO TIP: Stop Using Computer Invoicing Templates in Word or Excel to Bill Clients! 

It looks unprofessional…


Free Invoice Tool to Get Clients Paying Faster

Freelancer / […]

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Pluralsight Review – Virtual Online IT Training Company

Pluralsight Review – Virtual Online IT Training

So, I recently signed up for an amazing virtual training company called

Since I’m pretty experienced in these “virtual learning” websites (i.e.- I have a my own video production course on I figured it would […]

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Overcoming Burnout- Motivation From a Content Creator

Creating Tons of Content Got You Down?

As a fellow content creator, I know that feeling we all get from time to time…

jess new girl and overcoming burnout content creators

But instead of dwelling over the painful reality of churning out creative content at all times (and having to create those god […]

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YouTube Views – Success Tips From Andy Slye


This morning, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Andy Slyle, an accomplished Youtube Video Producer.

His YouTube channel, My Tech Methods, is dedicated to reviewing the latest and greatest technology trends and devices on the market these days. As a huge tech nerd myself, it only made sense to interview him on […]

How to Enter the World of Video Production

If you are one of those creative souls out there who always dreamed of making videos for TV or films, then a video production job is unequivocally for you. There are a wide range of different projects to work on in the field of video production. You could easily find jobs for television, on the […]

How to Video Sync Your Independent Film Footage

Video Sync Your Indie Film Footage. Easy, Right?

kevin smith audio video sync in imovie

Here’s the bad news, syncing audio to your short film or video project is a tedious process.

music video [...]
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How to Become a Video Producer in No Time

How to Become a Video Producer in No Time.

If you just want to create a “reality show” style video production, you can easily get by with a simple $200 HD camera and some mild imagination.

But if you want more professional, polished and highly presentable videos, there are a […]