DreamSync User Tips

//DreamSync User Tips

How To Fix Your Out of Sync Audio and Video

Fixing Your Out of Sync Audio and Video

Do you keep experiencing the “audio and video falling out of sync!” issue?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this post, I’m going to help you by explaining:

  1. WHY your audio and video might NOT be synchronizing properly.
  2. If it DOES SYNC, why it falls out of synchronization as your video progresses.

So, sit […]

WooWave Dreamsync and PluralEyes Sync Result Preview Mechanism

Result Sync in WooWave Dreamsync and PluralEyes

You might be having trouble with getting your hands onto maximum possible video angles while editing.

Here we’re presenting an overview of two great softwares which are strongly capable of handling your problem of previewing different video angles at the same time.

Watch the video below in order to […]

DreamSync Launches Version 1.1.2 Update

DreamSync 1.1.2 is Here!

Demo of how DreamSync works for Mac OS X.

Our beloved audio video synchronizing software just got an update for the Mac OS X platform.

DreamSync’s newest release contains the following updates: 

  1. Optimized sync algorithm accuracy for better syncing of your audio and video files
  2. Yosemite Compatibility issues […]

Top 5 Shooting Tips When You Plan to Sync Audio and Video in Post

Top 5 Shooting Tips When You Plan to Sync Audio and Video in Post

We know when you’re planning to sync audio and video on a DSLR and a separate audio device, it can be tricky to put those files together in post production.