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Video editing software is used to edit images and video stored on a computer. The software allows the image to be edited and altered individually and then will integrate it back into movable media. There are many programs available that will allow audio to be synced with video through editing as well. There are a […]

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How to Video Sync Your Independent Film Footage

Video Sync Your Indie Film Footage. Easy, Right?

kevin smith audio video sync in imovie

Here’s the bad news, syncing audio to your short film or video project is a tedious process.

music video [...]
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How to Sync Audio And Video From Live Performances

Audio Video Sync Software for Live Band Footage

hipster_bandSome hipster band names are flat out ridiculous, but how you showcase your music doesn’t have to be.

When you’re recording a live band performance, the last thing you want to […]

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DreamSync vs PluralEyes (Audio Video Sync Explained)

One of the questions I often get is “Hey Jon, what’s the difference between DreamSync vs PluralEyes? Which one should I use?”

To ¬†answer this, I think it’s best to understand the history of audio video sync, and why there’s a huge demand for BOTH of these software solutions.

Pain-Points from a Professional Video Editor

Coming from a […]

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