How to Create Screencast Lecture Style Videos on a Mac

Creating Screencast Lecture Videos on a Mac

You might be having a hard time setting up mac for recording your screencast videos. But this problem is not going to annoy you anymore.

I am going to walk you through a step by step procedure for setting up your mac for recording such videos and presentations […]

How to Green Screen in iMovie – [Teacher Tutorial with Screenshots]

How to Edit Green Screen Video in iMovie

I see most people searching for some authentic ways of properly editing a green screen video.

Today, I’m going to teach you guys how easy it is to edit a green screen video.

I’ll be using iMovie to showcase the techniques which you can use for editing your […]

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How to Edit Merge Clips Together in QuickTime (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

How to Edit Two Clips Together Directly Inside QuickTime

In this Pro Tip lesson, I’m going to show you how you can edit two clips together DIRECTLY inside of QuickTime.

(Video Source: How to EDIT MERGE Clips Together in QuickTime – […]

How to Trim a Video Clip in QuickTime (Video Tutorial)

Trimming Your Video Clip in QuickTime

Here’s a quick tip that you might not be familiar with:

You can easily trim up your video clips right inside of QuickTime.

Check out this quick video below to see how exactly it’s done:

(Video Source: 

How To Fix Your Out of Sync Audio and Video

Fixing Your Out of Sync Audio and Video

Do you keep experiencing the “audio and video falling out of sync!” issue?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this post, I’m going to help you by explaining:

  1. WHY your audio and video might NOT be synchronizing properly.
  2. If it DOES SYNC, why it falls out of synchronization as your video progresses.

So, sit […]

Blend Music in imovie

How to Blend Music in iMovie

Blending music and sound effects in iMovie can definitely get a little tricky.

Check out the tutorial below to make things much easier.

Splitting the Clips

This will work with multiple songs or different parts of the same track. First, we’ll select a portion of our song and split it.

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Adding Markers to iMovie Project Timeline (Tutorial for Beginners)

How to Add Markers in iMovie

Adding Markers to the iMovie project timeline can be a little confusing in the new version.

Check out the video and screenshots below for a detailed explanation.

(video source: NOandROfilms)

If you want to mark a specific point in a clip, […]

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How to Green Screen in iMovie (Beginner’s Tutorial)

How to Green Screen in iMovie

If you’re new to iMovie, you might not know how to work with a green screen.

Check out the video and screenshots below for a detailed explanation:


(video source: UMW NewMedia)

Setting Up the Background Image

First, open […]

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Advanced Green Screen iMovie Techniques (Tutorial with Screenshots)

Advanced Green Screen iMovie Techniques

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how to refine our green screen iMovie image and get rid of imperfections.

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Check out the video and screen shots below for a detailed explanation:

(video source: NOandRofilms)

Go ahead and open up your project. You can add audio to it in three different […]

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