How to create Picture-in-Picture: Using iMovie Advanced Features

How to Create Picture-in-Picture- Advanced iMovie Tutorial

Creating Picture-in-Picture is a really cool effect that can be done using some advanced iMovie techniques.

Check out the tutorial below to learn how.

(video source: NOandRofilms)


We highly encourage you to […]

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(iMovie Tutorial) How to Export 1080p and 4K Videos in 60FPS

How to Export 1080p and 60FPS Videos in iMovie

Having trouble getting iMovie to export movies in 1080p at 60FPS? Check out the tutorial below.

(video source: Danixer)

For this to work, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of iMovie.


How to Advanced Audio Edit with Keyframes in iMovie (Updated 2018)

How to Edit Audio with Keyframes in iMovie (Advanced)

Getting the audio mix at just the right level in iMovie can be a little daunting.

Check out the advanced tutorial below to get a grip on your project’s audio!

(video source: Eric Timmer)


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How to Synchronize and Trim Audio in iMovie (Screenshot Tutorial)

How to Synchronize and Trim Audio in iMovie

If you’ve ever tried Syncing audio in iMovie, you probably know how annoying it can be.

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to get it done hassle-free:

(video source: PerfectNote’s Official Youtube Channel)

Importing the Audio

Here’s our video […]

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How to Use iMovie 2017 for Beginners

How to Use iMovie 2016-2017: A Beginner’s Guide

If you have a Macbook, iMovie is a fantastic (and free!) video editing software that comes with your computer.

If you’re looking to make some simple and quick videos, but either don’t have the money, time, or experience to invest in programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple

.mp4 to .AVI Converter Free – Video Converter Wondershare Ultimate

.MP4 to .AVI Converter – FREE Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter

Today we’re going to check out an incredible video converter that will let you take videos (from a URL or on your computer) and convert them from .MP4 to .AVI as well as to .mp3, to .MOV, to DVD (mpeg format), to .MKV and ANY other […]

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DreamSync vs PluralEyes (Audio Video Sync Explained)

One of the questions I often get is “Hey Jon, what’s the difference between DreamSync vs PluralEyes? Which one should I use?”

To  answer this, I think it’s best to understand the history of A/V sync, and why there’s a huge demand for BOTH of these audio video synchronizing software solutions.

Pain-Points from a Professional Video […]

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How to Get Freelance Video Editor Jobs: 3 Free Resources

How To Get Freelance Video Editor Jobs: 3 Free Resources (+1 Juicy PRO Tip)

The internet is a beautiful thing.

So beautiful, in fact, that it allows you to apply to VARIOUS gigs all across the world and bill your clients online; all while hanging out in […]

iMovie Advanced Features: How to Use (with Screenshots)

iMovie – Advanced Features

If you have a Mac, the power of iMovie allows you to create incredibly effective videos for your business, YouTube channel, or anything your heart desires!

We have already covered the absolute basics of iMovie to get you started. In this article tutorial, we will discuss a […]

How to Extract Audio from Video in Sony Vegas Pro 10

How to Extract Audio from Video in Sony Vegas Pro 10

If you don’t like to read, here’s the quick and dirty video answer from Alex over at ABelite.

Are you trying to split, regroup and extract audio from video in Sony Vegas Pro 10 without altering the attached audio tracks?

Do you […]