How to Use Woowave DreamSync on Your Mac:

    1. Click “Add Files” or simply Drag and drop your media into the media bin.
      how to use woowave dreamsync 001
      how to use woowave dreamsync 002

    2. Select all clips in the Media Bin and click the “Prepare” button the “Sync” button.
      NOTE: This process works in the background with no “progress bar”. Please be patient. 
      how to use woowave dreamsync 003

    3. Once all clips say “READY”, click the “Sync” to use woowave dreamsync 004

    4. Your Synchronization results will appear in the “Sequence” window
      From here, select a sequence and click the play button to make sure everything appears in sync.
      how to use woowave dreamsync 005


Exporting Sync Results (via XML) to Premiere or Final Cut Pro

Click the “XML” Button to export your sync results into

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Final Cut Pro 7 (Legacy)

  • Final Cut Pro X.

    how to use woowave dreamsync 006

Exporting Synchronized Quicktime Files for iMovie, YouTube Uploading, etc. 

  1. Click on the number of the video track and audio track to export together

  2. Click the “Track Export” buttonhow to use woowave dreamsync 007

  3. A blue progress bar will light up to confirm exporting.
    (NOTE: Exporting may take a few minutes depending on the size of your video clip)

    how to use woowave dreamsync 008

  4. Quicktime will open a newly created audio/video file in its native resolution (as of now, video clip will export as a self contained h.264 file)

    NOTE: All Quicktime export results will save into your “Documents” folder.