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Importing M4V Files in PluralEyes vs Woowave DreamSync

How to Import M4V Files in PluralEyes If you're trying to import M4V files into PluralEyes, you've probably realized this is easier said than done. In this tutorial, we'll discuss how you can successfully import [...]

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Displaying Sync Results in PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync

Sync Results in PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync WooWave DreamSync and PluralEyes both have very different methods for showcasing synchronization results in their respective viewer windows. Check out the video and screenshots below for a detailed explanation of [...]

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PluralEyes vs. Woowave DreamSync: Importing Footage

Pluraleyes vs. Woowave DreamSync: Import Footage When comparing Woowave DreamSync to PluralEyes, there are a couple of differences to take note of. The first is how seamless it is to actually drag and drop all [...]

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How to Use iMovie 2017 for Beginners

How to Use iMovie 2016-2017: A Beginner's Guide If you have a Macbook, iMovie is a fantastic (and free!) video editing software that comes with your computer. If you’re looking to make some simple and [...]

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PRESS RELEASE: Taking Audio / Video Syncing to New Creative Edges

TAKING AUDIO/VIDEO SYNCING TO NEW CREATIVE EDGES Woowave DreamSync Debuts at NABShow 2015's Startup Loft PRESS RELEASE: Originally published in Washington NewsWorld Atlanta, GA,– It can be an editor's worst nightmare; adding a music track to [...]

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Team Woowave DreamSync at NABShow 2015

LIVE at NABShow 2015 with Team Woowave DreamSync This week, our team will be showcasing the brand new release of WooWave DreamSync. If you are at the show, make sure to come check us out in [...]

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WooWave DreamSync – Premiering at NABShow 2015

The New Audio-Video Sync Standard - WooWave DreamSync At this year's NAB, two small companies are joining forces to take on PluralEyes. Pixelynx Labs, LLC of Atlanta and WooWave, Inc. of London have combined forces [...]

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Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template – 2015 Freelancer Solutions

Freelance Video Editor Sales Invoice Template Hack: Free Online Invoicing PRO TIP: Stop Using Computer Invoicing Templates in Word or Excel to Bill Clients!  It looks unprofessional...   Free Invoice Tool to Get Clients Paying Faster [...]

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.mp4 to .AVI Converter Free – Video Converter Wondershare Ultimate

.MP4 to .AVI Converter - FREE Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter Today we're going to check out an incredible video converter that will let you take videos (from a URL or on your computer) and convert them [...]

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Pluralsight Review – Virtual Online IT Training Company

Pluralsight Review - Virtual Online IT Training So, I recently signed up for an amazing virtual training company called Since I’m pretty experienced in these “virtual learning” websites (i.e.- I have a my own video [...]

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