Pluraleyes vs. Woowave DreamSync: Import Footage

When comparing Woowave DreamSync to PluralEyes, there are a couple of differences to take note of.
The first is how seamless it is to actually drag and drop all of your clips directly into Woowave DreamSync.

drag and drop all mov files into woowave dreamsync

Video Tutorial on Importing Footage

Check out the video below to get an “in-depth” example of how this minor difference  can save you LOADS of time when synchronizing audio and video footage with Woowave DreamSync vs. PluralEyes.

(video clip source via Woowave DreamSync YouTube Channel)

The PluralEyes Process for “Drag and Drop”

As with most editing sessions, you’ll always want to start your synchronization efforts outside of your dedicated NLE
(i.e.- before going into iMovie, FCP 7, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.)

If you go into PluralEyes, you’ll notice that dragging and dropping all of the clips in will not produce the same results as it would inside of DreamSync.

pluraleyes drag and drop mp4 clips into project

The reason for this is because inside of PluralEyes you actually have to make a separate been for every individual camera angle.

creating bins inside of pluraleyes vs woowave dreamsync

Thankfully, PluralEyes DOES recognize audio files for what they are and places them into a default bin called “Audio Recorder”.

audio camera bin in pluraleyes for sync

The downside is that if you were to click sync  at this point, the software will treat all of these angles as ONE SINGLE CAMERA ANGLE, causing the synchronization to fail or result in false positives.

To avoid this issue in PluralEyes, we must place each camera angle into its own separate Bin.

separate camera bins pluraleyes vs woowave dreamsync

output of camera track results in plural eyes vs woo wave dream sync

That’s an extra step that you’d have to do in order to synchronize in PluralEyes.

The EAISER Solution: Woowave DreamSync

Inside of Woowave DreamSync; the process of “preparing clips” into bins before clicking “Sync” is easy:
Just drop all of your clips into the bin, click SyncAnd that’s it.

click sync in woowave dreamsync

You’ll end up with wonderful results within the “synchronization” window at the bottom.

audio video synchronization results in woowave dreamsync

For more information on Woowave DreamSync and how it compares to PluralEyes for synchronization, check out the Woowave DreamSync website here.

And let us know what you think about these differences in the comments below.

Happy Syncing!


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